Paraphrasing, rewriting: rewriting texts

Paraphrasing is a form of ghostwriting, the essence of which is rewriting an existing text. It can be quite a detailed paraphrase or just a brief summary. The result of this form of writing, as well as the process itself, is called a rewrite or paraphrase. You can also use cv rewrite service.

Of course, the rewriting can be a kind of copywriting - if we are talking about advertising texts - or a subspecies of speechwriting, when it is necessary to alter the speech or any other version of the oral presentation. The paraphrase can be based on one single text or several sources. The content of a paraphrase completely follows the original text or contains additions, corrections, comments, depending on the aims. In the process of paraphrasing, the stylistics, the choice of words, the sequence of the material can change, the accents can be shifted.

Journalists often resort to rewriting. They rework news agency messages into articles, adjusting them to the style and interests of their audience. Another application of rewriting is the creation of unique content for websites. Large Internet portals are often forced to repeat part of the information on different subpages in order to make the site easier to use. Search engines track literal repetitions and decrease the rating of such sites, which leads to lower positions in search results. To avoid this, you often have to resort to rewordings.

Adapting texts is another common form of rewriting. In this case it may be a new form of text publication. For example, a website must be transformed into a paper brochure or, conversely, a flyer must be optimized, rewritten and rewritten for the needs of the Internet. But adaptation for a new audience is also possible: for example, a scientific text needs to be popularized and made accessible to the general public. Or the text needs to be linguistically simplified - for children or foreigners.

In all these cases and many others, our freelance writers, copywriters and rewriters are happy to help render your text in a different way and adapt it for a new purpose. At the same time, we have native speakers of many languages of the world working for us: that is, we offer services of rewriters in Russian, English, German, French and many other languages of the world.

However, there is one type of rewriting that we do not practice because it contradicts equally the copyright law and our professional ethics: we do not rewrite texts if the purpose of this procedure is to conceal plagiarism, that is, borrowing someone else's ideas and intellectual achievements without indicating the source.